Monday, August 10, 2009

Climate change: Utterly pathetic

I've just been watching Scoop's live webcam of the PM's press conference, and John Key has announced a climate change target of 10% to 20%, the latter figure conditional upon an international agreement with "favourable" treatment for forestry.

Pathetic. Utterly pathetic. We had a chance to show leadership, and we wasted it. But National's farmer-cronies will be happy, right up until their farms dry up and blow away (at which stage they will no doubt expect us to bail them out of their stupidity and greed).

An OIA has already been filed for the government's advice on setting the target.

Update: And here's the press release and Q&A. So, we're demanding the world make an agreement that limits temperature change to less than 2 degrees, while refusing to do anything to actualy make that happen, and we're demanding that developing countries, who are not responsible for the problem, bear the burden of fixing it. We're doing less than Europe, and (more importantly) less than Australia. In short, our government has given up. Pricks.