Monday, August 10, 2009

The double-whammy

The government seems to be trying to get all its bad news out of the way in one day. First, there's their utterly pathetic, unambitious climate change target. And now, they've also announced they will be sending the SAS to Afghanistan to die for America.

Last time the SAS were sent overseas, Parliament got to debate and vote on it before a single soldier was sent. The government has not committed to repeating this. So, people will be sent overseas to fight and die in a war of dubious legality and even more dubious chances for success, and the decision will be made not by any elected body, but by unaccountable prerogative power (and made even more unaccountable by a policy of refusing to comment on "operational matters").

So, blood for butter all over again, except with new imperial masters. Screw that. If John key thinks Afghanistan is so important, he can go over there and fight for it.