Thursday, November 26, 2009

ACT supports homophobia and misogyny

The Crimes (Provocation Repeal) Amendment Bill will be being debated this afternoon. The bill repeals the partial defence of provocation, which excuses sociopathic behaviour, and rewards violent, brutal people who refuse to exercise self-control. This is the law that means its not murder if they're gay, and which provides cover for violent misogynists and homophobes to commit what can only be described as hate crimes.

The ACT party has decided that they will oppose repeal.

So, ACT is "tough on crime", unless those crimes are against women or gays, when suddenly they are of lesser magnitude. Rather than standing for the equal rights of all, they support misogyny and homophobia.

But then, looking at the personal conduct of their "law and order" spokesperson, that's been obvious for a while, hasn't it?