Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Climate change: Here's hoping

Looks like not everyone in the Maori Party is happy with its support for the ETS:

An 11th hour revolt within the Maori Party is threatening to torpedo the Emissions Trading Scheme deal with the Key Government.

Even if the revolt does not succeed - Environment Minister Nick Smith is hoping to secure passage of the bill this afternoon - the damage to the relationship between the Maori Party and the Government could be irreparable.

The Maori Party's national council, 26 senior representatives that make up the party's ruling body, will hold an urgent telephone conference this afternoon or evening. Some of them, though it is unclear whether it is a majority, want the party's MPs to scuttle the deal with the Government.

Here's hoping for a derailment. The bill on the table is worse than the status quo - $110 billion by 2050 worse. If the Maori Party decides at the last minute to dump it, and allow the existing ETS to continue unamended, then New Zealand will be better off as a result.

Update: Or maybe not... the Maori Party is denying that there will be any meeting.