Friday, November 27, 2009

All on again in Oz

Earlier this week, Australian Liberal Party leader Malcolm Turnbull saw off a leadership challenge over his support for Australia's Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (their even-more-porky-than-ours ETS). But the issue didn't go away, and now its all on again. Half of Turnbull's frontbench resigned last night, and he will be facing a formal leadership vote on Monday. But by then, the issue could be academic. The government wants the CPRS passed into law by Copenhagen, and has set a deadline of 15:45 today for it to happen. If it doesn't, and they force a vote and it is voted down, then its a double dissolution and an election fought on climate change. Which means all Turnbull's challengers will "win" is a corpse facing certain electoral defeat.

But I guess the whole point is that it will be their corpse, pure in its right wing Denial of climate change. Which is working out really well for the teabaggers in the US, isn't it?