Monday, November 23, 2009

How it works in Italy II

A couple of months ago, Patrizia D'Addario, an escort, kicked off a massive sex scandal in Italian politics when she talked of being paid to attend parties at Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's official residence. Since then, she has been subjected to harassment and death threats, members of her family have been assaulted, her apartment has been broken into, she has been run off the road, and has been the target of an attempted rape. And then there's this bit:

The man who accompanied D'Addario to the prime minister's home [and who spoke candidly about hiring her and other women in an effort to bribe government officials - I/S] is under investigation in Bari on suspicion of drug trafficking and aiding and abetting prostitution. Berlusconi is not a suspect in the inquiry and his lawyer has denied that the call-girl's recordings are genuine.


Last week, a key figure in the affair, a transsexual Brazilian prostitute, was found dead in her flat in the capital. Investigators are treating her death as murder.

And so the Mafia-ization of Italian politics continues. Again, time for a serious cleanup.