Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Better work stories

Cop forced prostitute into sex - court

A former-Christchurch policeman is in on trial for extorting free sex from a prostitute - on several occasions in the back of his patrol car.

Justice French lifted suppression on the name and former occupation of Nathan Thorose Connolly at the start of his High Court trial in Christchurch today.

He is charged with one count of corruptly obtaining a bribe and two charges of compelling sexual conduct knowing consent had been obtained through a threat.

Looks like the Rickards culture of sexual exploitation is still alive and well in the New Zealand police force...

And while I'm at it, the second charge is a bit of a contortion, a Prostitution Reform Act offence designed to prevent pimps forcing people to work for them. There is a word for using threats to compel sex. That word is "rape". And Connolly should be being charged with it.