Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Breakfast and Heritage Hotels

I've received several emails from people who have contacted Heritage Hotels to complain about their sponsorship of Paul Henry's bigotry. According to Heritage, they are

not a sponsor of the Breakfast Show and ha[ve] not been for some months.
Which is interesting, given that their branding was all over the show's website yesterday morning. Either they're engaged in a clumsy lie, or TVNZ has been giving them free advertising for months.

I'm still waiting to find a list of Breakfast's other advertisers. The FaceSpy page lists Progressive Enterprises (Countdown, Foodtown & Woolworths) as being the primary buyer around the news slots; does anyone know of any others?

Update: Huh. Heritage Hotels' branding is still on the Breakfast Livestream, or at least the card saying it is not currently on-air. More free advertising from TVNZ?

(National Bank advertise all TVNZ's online video, so I don't know if its worth targeting them or not).