Friday, October 22, 2010

More bullshit from Gilmore

Last month, National MP Aaron Gilmore was exposed as having lied on his CV. After initially trying to blame Parliamentary Services, Gilmore has finally come clean and taken full responsibility. Or has he?

However, yesterday he said the error, and four others, were made in his own office and he took "full responsibility for those errors".

He also told the Herald it had been confirmed that the information was not sent by him.

"However, there is an email from my secretary saying: 'Here is the information' which had all the errors in it, so that is where the problems have arisen.

"I accept that I should have checked the published information and accept full responsibility for not having done so."

Mr Gilmore said he was not going to take the matter further.

"These things do happen."

Obviously. Detailed CVs appear from nowhere all the time, with no input from the person they're about. And if you believe that, I've got a brewery in Mangatainoka for sale...

In reality, this is just another refusal to accept responsibility from Gilmore. Having been caught bullshitting, his response is more bullshit. But then, did we really expect anything different from a manager?