Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Key dog-whistles on MMP

Last month, we learned that John Key had been conspiring with Peter Shirtcliffe to overturn MMP and replace it with a less democratic electoral system. And we saw him doing it, with an attempt to blame MMP for ACT's internal problems. Today, he's at it again:

The public will get a chance at next year's election to vote for a change in the electoral system, and recent issues such as internal ructions in the ACT Party and the at times rogue element within the Maori Party regarding support from MP Hone Harawira means MMP will be under the microscope.

"My instincts have been that when you see issues around smaller parties it tends to undermine the confidence in MMP as a system," Mr Key said today.

Key's subtext is clear: a vote for MMP is a vote for Hone Harawira! Of course, there's a little problem there: Harawira is an electorate MP, so he'd be there regardless. But why let facts get in the way of a racist dog-whistle?