Thursday, October 21, 2010

Obama appeals for bigotry

It's official: the Obama Administration is appealing for the US military's homophobic "don't ask, don't tell" policy to be retained. Their reason?

President Barack Obama has said he supports getting rid of the policy, but his administration believes that overturning it immediately could cause problems for the military.
I expect people said the same thing about desegregation back in the 50's. But then, the government realised that its most pressing duty was not to make life easier for racists, but to immediately end discrimination. President Eisenhower didn't ask for more time to implement Brown v. Board of Education - he sent the army to Arkansas to enforce the constitution and ensure that kids could go to school regardless of the colour of their skin.

With this appeal, Obama has shown that he is not the man that Eisenhower was. He's a mouse, unwilling to stand up for his beliefs, unwilling to take the opportunities to implement the change he campaigned on. He doesn't stand for change or hope - just for the same old bigotry.