Friday, October 29, 2010


The debate over The Hobbit has seen a fair bit of thuggery, with actor's meetings cancelled due to threats and intimidation from angry film technicians. But its gone far beyond that, into death threats:

Actresses and unionists have received threats, including some against their lives, during the heated row over The Hobbit movie.

Police have been called and private security arranged for some of those targeted.

The worst threats appear to have been aimed at Australian union boss Simon Whipp and Actors' Equity organiser Frances Walsh, although actresses Jennifer Ward-Lealand and Robyn Malcolm have also been abused.

The threats have become so bad the union has hired a guard for its Auckland office.

Malcolm is selling her home and has pulled back from some high-profile marketing. She was reluctant to comment this week on any abuse.

I understand that livelihoods are at stake and that some people feel pretty strongly about the movie, but this sort of thuggery is absolutely unacceptable, for anyone. It's also a crime, and I sincerely hope that the pricks doing it are caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.