Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Justice for Ian Tomlinson?

In 2009, a UK police officer beat newspaper-seller Ian Tomlinson from behind during a protest. Tomlinson, whose hands were in his pockets and who posed no threat to police, died shortly afterwards, his insides pulped by the blow. Today, a coronial jury found that Tomlinson's death was unlawful, a result of that blow from behind. As a result, the Crown prosecution Service, who had originally refused to do anything (despite clear video evidence of the beating and a recommendation from the Independent Police Complaints Commission that the officer be prosecuted), will now be reconsidering whether to lay manslaughter charges.

I hope they do. A man is dead. He deserves justice. And the police need to be held accountable when they overstep the mark, as has clearly happened in this case. Another whitewash is not acceptable. There must be justice for this killing.