Thursday, May 12, 2011

Superannuation cuts for us but not for them

The government is cutting KiwiSaver, slashing the government contribution to people's superannuation savings. Meanwhile, MPs enjoy a gold-plated scheme, which sees the taxpayer contribute $2.50 for every dollar MPs put in, up to a maximum of $26,000 a year (so, about 26 times what we get). Tonight, 3 News cornered Finance Minister Bill English and asked the obvious question: will the government be doing to itself what it is doing to the rest of us? And they received the obvious answer: yeah, right. Apparently, its not something they've thought about. Superannuation cuts are only for little people.

And politicians wonder why we regard them all as self-serving arseholes...

Update: Added link. And to add insult to injury, English thinks that the scheme "is pretty similar to what everyone has available to them". Which is the sort of worldview you get when you've been in Parliament for over 20 years.