Wednesday, May 11, 2011

This stinks

We like to think that we are not a very corrupt country. We don't do bribes, and we don't do kickbacks. Governing parties receiving donations from companies in exchange for steering government business their way is something which happens in other countries.

We're wrong:

The National Party received a donation from a BMW franchise just days after a deal was made for the government to buy a new fleet of cars.


In Question Time today, Labour raised serious concerns over a $50,000 donation to National by Auckland BMW franchise Team Macmillan.

Labour member for Rimutaka Chris Hipkins said the donation came two days after the Prime Minister John Key's chief of staff Wayne Eagleson met with VIP transport to discuss the upgrade.

Key said he had "no responsibility for that" and that Eagleson did not remember the meeting.

Later on in General Debate [video; 2 mins in], Trevor Mallard claimed that John Key went to a fundraiser at BMW just before the deal was made. Two days later, National received its donation.

This stinks. It absolutely reeks. And if it had happened overseas, we would all call it corrupt. Governments have to not only be clean, but be seen to be clean. National and John Key have failed that test.