Thursday, May 26, 2011

Paul Quinn is the new David Garrett

ACT's David Garrett had a rather chequered career as an MP, hitting the bigot trifecta of racism, sexism and homophobia before being drummed out of the House for stealing a dead baby's identity. Parliament is a better place without him, but sadly it seems we have a new contender: National's Paul Quinn. And he's already hit the double. First there was his homophobic comments [video] a couple of weeks ago about Chris Carter and his "pink toothbrush" (why pink, Paul? Are you trying to suggest something?) And now there's his appalling suggestion that drunk women deserve to be raped. While he's tried to back away from them, as the Hand Mirror points out, his excuses raise as many questions as they purport to answer. Notably, what the hell he thought he was talking about when he responded to a question about women "asking for it" by saying

I think there’s a real issue with young ladies getting drunk.
So what did he mean? What does Paul Quinn think drunk women are asking for? Speak up, we're all ears.