Thursday, May 26, 2011

This stinks

One of the fundamentals of governance in this country is that when the government spends significant amounts of money, it runs an open tender. This not only ensures that we get the best deal, but it also protects us against corruption and prevents the procurement process from turning into a mechanism for the government-of-the-day to dispense largesse to its mates.

So, guess what Paula Bennett didn't do when she handed out $2.4 million to her mate Bruce Pilbrow? That's right - run an open tender process. It stinks, and it creates the perception of corruption - something Ministers should be at pains to avoid.

As for Pilbrow, he said the no-tender process was due to the time he had spent (while a public servant) "building relationships with different ministers". Which is exactly what the tender process is supposed to protect us against. Governments should award contracts based on who offers the best deal - not who is the best arse-licker. But then, this is what happens when you bring corporate values into government: corrupt backroom deals like this.