Friday, November 21, 2014

Boycott thieving employers

In the past few days, we've learned of a new employer horror: petrol-station workers, often on the minimum wage, being forced to pay for the crimes of their customers. Its unfair, immoral, and possibly illegal. So what can we do about it?

These people have the right idea: boycott the scum employers and the petrol chains who tolerate this from their franchisees:

Angry customers are calling for a boycott of service stations which dock workers for customer drive-offs.

The calls came after it was revealed today that at least four low-paid workers at Masterton's Night 'n Day store, which also operates a Gull service station, were docked hundreds of dollars in wages after customers fled without paying.

"Boycott all Night n' Day stores and pumps," said reader "marty@wainui" in a comment on the story. "I for one am taking my business elsewhere until Gull resolves this," said fellow reader "jestriding".

And the same should go for any other station or chain which does this. Which means Gull, Mobil and Caltex as well, until their head offices start restricting franchisees (according to this story BP and Z have already publicly declared such policies).