Tuesday, November 18, 2014


The last three times Labour has changed its leader, my initial reaction has been "they'll do OK". I've been wrong every single time. Phil Goff may have been a safe pair of hands as a Minister, but he displayed a total lack of virtù as a leader. David Shearer was a spineless wimp. And Cunliffe has been eloquently judged by the electorate. So what to make of Andrew Little being elected as Labour's fourth leader in three years? To be honest, I'm unenthused. He's already displayed some of the same spinelessness I despised in Goff and Shearer, as well as a disturbing desire to chase the votes of the rich. But to be honest, Labour isn't my party, and Little isn't my leader. I've been relying for a long time on the Greens to provide a principles-based left-wing voice, and I don't really see Little's election changing that.