Monday, November 24, 2014

How British

How corrupt is the British establishment? This corrupt:

The security services are facing questions over the cover-up of a Westminster paedophile ring as it emerged that files relating to official requests for media blackouts in the early 1980s were destroyed.

Two newspaper executives have told the Observer that their publications were issued with D-notices – warnings not to publish intelligence that might damage national security – when they sought to report on allegations of a powerful group of men engaging in child sex abuse in 1984. One executive said he had been accosted in his office by 15 uniformed and two non-uniformed police over a dossier on Westminster paedophiles passed to him by the former Labour cabinet minister Barbara Castle.

The other said that his newspaper had received a D-notice when a reporter sought to write about a police investigation into Elm Guest House, in southwest London, where a group of high-profile paedophiles was said to have operated and may have killed a child. Now it has emerged that these claims are impossible to verify or discount because the D-notice archives for that period “are not complete”.

And yet, they stand up today and say "there can't have been a D-notice because we would never have destroyed important files to protect important people". Meanwhile, an inquiry into whether the Home Office did exactly that says that it cannot be ruled out.

Spies are supposed to protect national security, not child molesters. If this is what Britain's spies do, the UK should rid itself of them (and arrest those involved in this coverup as accessories).