Tuesday, November 25, 2014

No justice in America

On August 9, police officer Darren Wilson shot and murdered Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.. The shooting of unarmed black men by American police is so routine that they don't even bother to keep statistics on it. And of course, they never prosecute. Today a grand jury continued that trend, deciding that Wilson will not stand trial.

The message is clear: there is no justice in America. If you're black, the police can kill you with impunity.

People in Ferguson are angry, and rightly so. The justice system has failed them. Their police have failed them. Their government, at all levels, has failed them. And not just with this decision, but the military force and oppression their protests have been met with over the last three months. Its clear that "their" government does not regard them as equal citizens, with rights to life, justice and freedoms of assembly and speech, but as a troublesome underclass to be beaten, intimidated, and ultimately killed into submission. 150 years on from the end of slavery in America, and nothing has really changed.