Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A fair point

The UK Labour Party is currently in the middle of a leadership vote, and the (Blairite) party apparatus is conducting a vigorous purge of the membership in an effort to prevent the popular Jeremy Corbyn from winning. People are being kicked out of the party for expressing support for left-wing policies of other parties. Meanwhile, in the Independent, Mark Steel points out the logical consequence of that action:

This could get even more complicated soon, because most Labour MPs supported Tory party policies on welfare and immigration and war, so when the General Secretary gets round to banning them, there will end up being a minus figure of members, meaning any candidate who wins nought votes will be the clear winner.

It is kindof weird that members get ejected for supporting left-wing policies, but MPs are safe despite actually voting to cut benefits, bomb children, and lock people up without charge. But its always been clear what the purpose of the Purge is, and it isn't punishing those who vote for Thatcherism. But I guess that's what re-selection battles are for.