Monday, September 05, 2016

Key: Sack the people and employ another

The government is under pressure on immigration over serious concerns about its effects on house prices and wages. John Key's response? Immigration is necessary because kiwis are all lazy drug addicts:

Speaking on Morning Report today, John Key admitted that high immigration was putting strains on the country's infrastructure, but the government would continue to bring in large numbers to fill jobs.

He said this was partly because many employers could not get New Zealanders to work due to problems with drugs or work ethic.


"But go and ask the employers, and they will say some [New Zealand workers] won't pass a drug test, some of these people won't turn up for work, some of these people will claim they have health issues later on. So it's not to say there aren't great people who transition from Work and Income to work, they do, but it's equally true that they're also living in the wrong place, or they just can't muster what is required to actually work."

So, Key basicly wants to sack the people and employ another. Which is exactly the attitude you'd expect from a sociopathic international banker, but hardly likely to endear him to voters.

Because it needs repeating, I'll say it again: if New Zealand employers can't find people to do their shit jobs, the market solution is to offer more money. Bringing in migrant labour so they don't have to do that is simply a subsidy to shit employers, and one we should end.