Monday, September 05, 2016

A two-tier police force

If you get burgled, you're lucky if the police do anything more than give you a form for the insurance company. But its a different story if you're a National MP...

A burglary victim is questioning why a break-in at the mobile electorate office of National MP Jami-Lee Ross was given higher priority than her own.

National MP Jami-Lee Ross's mobile electorate office was burgled twice in a week - with police responding to the first burglary "immediately", and apprehending a suspect within days.

But an Auckland mother of two who lives just 900m away had a very different experience when her burglars targeted her home.


Police failed to show up more than 24 hours later, by which time rain had washed away any chance of finding fingerprints.

I guess Jami-Lee Ross isn't just ordinary people like you or I. Instead, he's Someone Important (and in particular, someone who gets to vote on the police's budget every year) - and therefore someone to be toadied to, crimes against him zealously investigated and crimes by him zealously ignored. But I don't think most New Zealanders would agree with the idea of a two-tier police force, one paid for by all but protecting only the elite. Ross should have waited his turn in the queue like everyone else. And if he didn't like that, maybe he should fund the police to investigate crime at its actual level, rather than relying on privilege to get special treatment from an underfunded agency.