Thursday, September 01, 2016

More torture in Fiji

Last year, Rajneel Singh was tortured by Fijian police after reporting plans to destabilise the Government found on a compute rin his internet cafe. And now they've done it again:

A Fiji businessman was left for dead after being attacked in his home on Tuesday allegedly by security forces.

Rajneel Singh had earlier blown the whistle on an assassination attempt against senior members of the Fiji government.

Mr Singh's lawyer Aman Ravindra-Singh confirmed Mr Singh was attacked in his home on Tuesday afternoon.

A video also emerged on social media showing the attack and his lawyer has confirmed it is genuine.


In the latest incident Mr Ravindra-Singh says two men in police attire arrived at Mr Singh's home while his family were out.

He said Mr Singh was beaten, a plastic bag was tied over his head, his hands and legs tied and he was left to choke.

"This was an attempted murder on Mr Singh," said Mr Ravindra-Singh.

Meanwhile, the government has restored relations with Fiji. Shame that John Key's new best friend is a torturer. We really shouldn't be talking to a regime which encourages or permits this.