Friday, September 02, 2016

How it works in Nauru

Another sign that Nauru is becoming a dictatorship: a man who filed an electoral petition against the Prime Minister has had his pension suddenly cut off:

A Nauru man has had his only source of income, his pension, cut off by the government.

No reason has been given but Dale Cecil is convinced it is because he has brought an election petition against President Baron Waqa in the Boe constituency.

Mr Cecil accuses Mr Waqa of bribery, treating and breaking advertising laws on election day.

He said at the same time as he registered his electoral petition his pension was stopped.

Mr Cecil said it is no longer an uncommon event to be blacklisted if you oppose the government.

This is an outright abuse of power, and almost certainly illegal. Sadly, it has become common on Nauru. There have been other incidents of pensions being cut, or people sacked, for opposing the government. But I guess that's what happens when you provide politicians with vast amounts of rortable Australian gulag money: they'll do anything to keep it.