Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Why are we paying Nick Smith a Ministerial salary?

Nick Smith is our current Housing Minister. For that, we pay him $281,881 a year. But while he now admits we have a housing crisis, he is refusing to do anything about it:

Auckland house prices hitting the magic million-dollar mark won't force the Government to make any sudden moves, says Housing Minister Nick Smith.


"The million-dollar thing yes, the seven-figure sum generates a lot of media activity. But in terms of, does it chance the core things that the Government needs to do?

"Look, New Zealand's doing great. Unemployment's low and dropping. We're a safe, stable country. Our population's growing faster than it ever has. My simple message this morning is the Government just needs to keep to plan and grow that housing stock."

So, we have a crisis, but no problem, and no need to do anything (at least, not until Smith's National Party friends have cashed out of their Auckland investment properties).

Nick Smith should earn his outrageous pay packet. And if he doesn't want to, then he should quit and make space for someone who will.