Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Australian racism

On Monday Bill English highlighted the underlying issue in our relationship with Australia: the Australians consider us to be a "soft entry point". And today, former Immigration Minister Aussie Malcolm was crystal clear about the reason for this: Australian racism:

Former immigration minister Aussie Malcolm says racism is behind Australia's attitude to this country, and New Zealand should treat Australians the same way as Australia treats Kiwis.

Minister from 1981-1984, Malcolm told Radio NZ on Wednesday that Australian ministers would tell him "on the down low" that New Zealanders were different because they included Maori and Pacific Islanders.

"Australians say look at these people coming into Australia. They're not New Zealanders. They got in by the backdoor, but you and I would look at them and say they are New Zealanders, mate.

Absolutely they're New Zealanders. Maori are indigenous and predate Pakeha settlement. And most of those Pacific Islanders were born here and have lived here all their lives. Unlike Australia, we don't tie our national identity to skin-colour, or regard it as exclusive. And if the Australian government doesn't like that, then fuck them.