Friday, May 05, 2017

National's New Zealand

Welcome to National's New Zealand, where an immoral government creates a homelessness problem, and immoral businesses respond by installing anti-homeless sprayers in their doorways:

At least one school and several businesses in Auckland's CBD have installed overnight sprinkler systems in their doorways to deter rough sleepers.

The Chamber of Commerce said it was the wrong response, but it was an expression of frustration from business owners that the council was not doing more to deal with the issue of homelessness.

Nine to Noon understands that the private school ACG Senior College in Lorne Street, as well as buildings on Queen Street and Fort Lane, have the sprinkler systems, which run periodically through the night.

Or, they could demand the government ensure that everyone has a home. But that would probably be too ethical for them.

It would be useful to know which businesses have done this, so the public can judge them accordingly.