Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Green List

The Greens have released their 2017 party list:

2017 RankName2014 RankDifference
1Metiria Turei1-
2James Shaw12+10
3Marama Davidson15+12
4Julie Anne Genter8+4
5Eugenie Sage4-1
6Gareth Hughes5-1
7Jan Logie10+5
8Kennedy Graham7-3
9Chloe Swarbrick--
10Golriz Ghahraman--
11Mojo Mathers9-2
12Barry Coates16+4
13Jack McDonald20+7
14John Hart17+3
15Denise Roche13-2
16David Clendon11-5
17Hayley Holt--
18Teall Crossen--
19Teanau Tuiono--
20Leilani Tamu--

There are a few changes from the preliminary version: Chloe Swarbrick and Golriz Ghahraman have been pushed up to give them safe spots, as has Kennedy Graham. But this will mean that the Greens will have a woman-heavy caucus on likely results. Which I guess will make up for some of National's institutional sexism.

The actual candidates are a good lineup. There's been a lot of turnover in the Green caucus this cycle, as many of the class of 2008 have done their time and moved on. But there seems to be no shortage of young talent to replace them.