Monday, May 08, 2017

Lawless Corrections

Its appears that Corrections has been unlawfully bugging prisoners and staff:

An investigation into security issues at Christchurch Men's Prison was launched following allegations staff and inmates were bugged, prison sources say.

If the allegations are found to be correct and the bugging was unauthorised, the privacy rights of those who have been targeted may have been breached, a prominent lawyer says.

The Department of Corrections announced on Thursday it had launched an investigation into the potential "non compliance" with "security procedures", but did not give further information.

The prison's director, John Roper, who is on a final warning, and two senior staff are on "special leave" while the investigation is carried out.

Several independent sources said allegations had been made about methods being used to gather information about inmates and staff at the prison. It is understood phone calls may have been tapped and listening devices placed in cells.

Obviously this needs to be investigated, but if substantiated, those responsible should be facing criminal charges as well as employment consequences. Unauthorised use of interception devices is a serious crime, and that law applies to Corrections as well as the Police, SIS and GCSB. The problem here seems to be that our "law enforcement" agencies believe they can ignore the law whenever it suits them.

Also in passing, one of the suspended managers is apparently Doug Smith. Given his past history of unlawful behaviour and brutalising prisoners, I am utterly boggled that this man still has a job with Corrections, let alone a management position. He should have been removed more than a decade ago, following the Duffy inquiry. But I guess holding people to account is something Corrections thinks only applies to others.