Monday, May 01, 2017


Everyone was expecting the Labour party to release its party list today. Instead, its been delayed, so one of Andrew Little's handpicked cronies can whine about it:

A "crisis meeting" is being held by Labour's list ranking committee and it's likely prospective Labour candidate Willie Jackson will be given a higher place.

It's understood he was given the 21st slot on Labour's original list and wasn't happy about it.

Jackson, a high profile broadcaster and former Alliance MP, is said to have flown down to Wellington on Monday morning to take his frustrations to the party first-hand.

The party was expected to announce its list around mid-morning but has now pushed it out to Tuesday morning while the party works through the ranking issues. A Labour Party source said a "crisis meeting" would be held on Monday night and it was expected Jackson would get a higher list ranking as a result.

Labour uses an involved process of nominations, regional list committees, and a central moderating committee to select its list. Throughout the process the decison makers are required to consider the diversity of candidates, and there's an overall requirement for a gender-balanced caucus on likely electoral outcomes. But apparently all of that is going to be thrown out the window because an egotistical showpony feels his list ranking doesn't reflect his (self-)importance.

And Labour wonders why people think they're a bunch of useless, feuding muppets...