Wednesday, March 12, 2003

A competition!

Yesterday's Christchurch Press article about a protester throwing eggs and tomatoes at Richard Prebble at Canterbury has got me thinking: people should really do this sort of thing more often. We don't do nearly enough to express our contempt for our politicians. Sure, we sneer at them, make them the butt of our jokes, call Rodney Hide "the face of irritable bowel disease" and what have you, but they don't seem to get the message. Maybe throwing shit at them will work?

So, a competition. The winner is whoever can get the best hit on an MP with a nonlethal missile (water bomb, rotten fruit, excrement). Bonus points for getting on TV, revealing that someone wears a toupe, or being arrested by the diplomatic protection squad. The grand prize is a sense of satisfaction at a job well done. Any takers?

BTW, apparantly the photos accompanying the hardcopy of the story were cool - maybe Mike will scan and post them?