Friday, October 19, 2007

Defence fund and protests

Indymedia mentions that Global Peace and Justice Auckland have established a defence fund for those arrested in this weeks raids. Donations can be made to:


Remember to label them as being for the defence fund.

Peace Action Wellington also has a legal defence fund: 02-0536-0458570-00 Particulars/Code/Reference: LEGAL DEF.

Everyone deserves a good defence in court, no matter what they are accused of, so I urge everyone to contribute.

Meanwhile, a thousand people protested in Whakatane this morning, and protests are also planned for around the country this Saturday:

Auckland: Saturday, 20 October, 12:00, Aotea Square
Christchurch: Saturday, 20 October, 12:00, Cathedral Square
Dunedin: Saturday, 20 October, 12:00, Albany St Labour Party office.

I guess whether anyone turns up will depend on what the police lay on the table today.