Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Destiny Mk II

So, from the ashes of the schism emerges Destiny Mk II, otherwise known as the "family party". Co-lead by Destiny's Richard Lewis and former United Future MP Paul Adams (who in 2005 split from UF because it wasn't conservative or Christian enough), they're planning to target Labour voters in Manukau and Mangere. I guess they think god is on their side - because the voters in those electorates are unlikely to be. Looking at the 2005 election results for Mangere and Manukau East shows that the combined United Future - Destiny electorate vote was around 5% of the total (1,465 and 1,447 votes respectively), and in both cases less than 10% of Labour's. So, their dream of taking either electorate is simply a fantasy. The two parties did even worse on the party vote, so I don't think they're any real threat there either. The brute fact which these people have to face is that the number of people who actually want a theocracy in this country is vanishingly small - but I guess they can always pray for a miracle.