Monday, October 22, 2007

European elections

Switzerland and Poland went to the polls yesterday in Parliamentary elections. In Switzerland, the racist Swiss People's Party - those of the infamous white sheep / black sheep ad - won the largest share of the vote and will form the core of the government. Their plans include kicking out immigrants and banning the construction of minarets (but not churches, of course). Meanwhile, in Poland it looks like the lunatic "Law and Justice" party has been toppled, and its even-more-lunatic (not to mention anti-semitic, anti-gay, and "barely crypto-fascist") coalition partners evicted from Parliament. Instead, Poland will likely be governed by the economically ultra-right Civic Platform, in coalition with the more centrist and agrarian Polish People's Party. It says something about the craziness of Polish politics that this is actually an improvement.

European Tribune has some good discussion threads here and here.