Thursday, October 25, 2007

Defend your civil rights

Protests will be held across the country on Saturday to protest against the New Zealand police's rounding up of Maori, greens, and peace activists in "anti-terror" raids:

  • Auckland: Saturday, 27 October, 12 noon, Aotea Square.
  • Hamilton: Saturday, 27 October, 12 noon, Garden Place.
  • Whanganui: Saturday, 27 October, 12 noon, River Traders Market on Moutoa Quay.
  • Wellington: Saturday, 27 October, 12 noon, Midland Park (I ran into a group putting these posters up last night, so now I have one on my wall. I should also note that every lamp-post outside Parliament had a "Tame Iti freed; Rickards jailed" poster. We wish...)
  • Christchurch: Saturday, 27 October, 12 noon, Cathedral Square.
  • Dunedin: Sunday, 28 October, 12 noon, Otago Museum Reserve (because they just have to be different down there).
  • Palmerston North: Saturday, 27 October, 1pm, The Square (SE corner)

There will also be protests in Sydney, Melbourne, and London. See Indymedia for details.

If you can't come along, then you can donate to the Auckland and Wellington defence funds here.

Update: Added Palmerston North.