Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Reliably reactionary

The Sensible Sentencing Trust's reaction to today's announcement that the New Zealand government will support a global moratorium on executions:

The Sensible Sentencing Trust's spokesman Garth McVicar said while there are no calls yet to re-introduce the death penalty in New Zealand, this is simply another example of putting offenders' rights before those of victims.
Wow. In the past I've called them and their ilk the "hang 'em high" brigade because it so perfectly captured their attitude, but I didn't think it was literally true.

Now I'm left wondering whether the SST accepts any moral limits to their viciousness and lust for revenge. Would they say the same about the ban on torture, for example?

Update: The SST has a press release here, in which they go on to say that the call to end the death penalty is "an insult to families of murder victims". These people really are creeps.

Update 2: I've clarified the "hang 'em high brigade" comments above, since some terminally stupid people seem to be having trouble with them.