Friday, October 12, 2007

"Sensible" Sentencing Trust supports murder

It's official - the "hang 'em high" brigade supports the death penalty:

The Sensible Sentencing Trust has revealed publicly for the first time today that it sees the reinstatement of the death penalty in New Zealand as a viable option for combating crime.

The group's spokesperson Garth McVicar stated on radio this morning that although the Trust does not support the introduction of the death penalty today, they see it as an option for the future.

Green Party Justice Spokesperson Nandor Tanczos says: "We need to take this seriously, as Mr McVicar also revealed that the reinstatement of this lethal punishment is something that is regularly debated at Sensible Sentencing Trust meetings.

(Emphasis added).

So there we have it: a bunch of vicious, vengeful hypocrites, who think that killing is bad when it happens to them, but fine if they get to do it to others. It's nice to know where they stand.

(I'll link to the bFM audio when it goes up).