Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Police support discrimination

The Dom-Post reporting on another bar owner trying to ban under 20's, says the move "could breach the Human Rights Act". There's no "could" about it. Age - meaning any age over 16 - is a prohibited ground of discrimination. It is illegal for businesses to discriminate in the provision of services on such grounds. The bar owner's actions are clearly unlawful, and the Dom-Post should say so.

But what's really disturbing about this case is that the police are supporting the ban:

Sergeant Jacquelyn Muir said police had to deal with youths fighting, drinking and loitering in the car park on Friday and Saturday nights.

She supported the pub's ban on under-20s.

"The bar are just trying to stamp it out. They're trying to attract a responsible crowd regardless of age or anything else, and good on them."

The police are charged with upholding the law. But here, they are explicitly supporting clearly illegal behaviour. And they wonder why people don't trust them...