Thursday, December 03, 2009

What the government wants to dig up

This is a picture of the north-western part of Mount Aspiring National Park, which the government wants to dig up. There's a full album here. As can be seen, it is a rather distinctive area, flowing from lowland forest like that pictured to the barren subalpine red hills (which are again quite beautiful). This should be the very last place that is considered for mining.

(Thanks to Richard Davies of the VUW Tramping Club for the photos)

If you oppose mining in national parks, then the Federated Mountain Clubs are running a post a photo campaign: send a photo of your favourite spot (even if it is a picnic spot by the side of the road) to Minister of Conservation Tim Groser (c/- Parliament Buildings, Wellington - no stamp required), with a short message telling him where it is, why you love it and why you don't want to see it dug up. New Zealanders are supposed to love the outdoors; now is the time to stand up and let the government know. Otherwise, we may soon be seeing some of our most beautiful landscapes turned into Mordor for the profit of foreign corporations.