Wednesday, July 04, 2012

All down to Dunne again

Last week, the government passed its privatisation law on the single vote of Peter Dunne. Now, it looks set to vote down a minimum price for alcohol in the same way:

Labour has drafted an amendment to the alcohol legislation which would introduce a minimum pricing regime.


But the Green Party and Maori Party also back minimum pricing.

That leaves United Future MP Peter Dunne with the deciding vote.

Dunne has previously stated he was unconvinced a minimum pricing regime would have the desired affect.

He's gone a bit further than that, tweeting today that "If Labour's minimum alcohol price amendment depends on my vote, it is doomed."

Which is sadly exactly what you'd expect from an MP in the pocket of the liquor industry. This is a guy who abuses his Ministerial position to bury data which makes his booze buddies look bad; of course he'll vote against real action which will cost them money.