Thursday, July 05, 2012

Something to go to in Wellington

Our Far South, the Morgan Foundation project responsible for the Million Dollar Mouse pest eradication campaign, is holding a series of lunchtime seminars in Wellington:

  • 10 July: "Is climate change real and have we caused it?" - We will review the latest evidence on anthropogenic climate change.
  • 11 July: "Climate change in our far south" - the southern ocean is the engine room of the world's climate and ocean system. What impacts will climate change have on the region and on the planet?
  • 12 July: "Can we keep Antarctica dedicated to peace and science?" - The Antarctic treaty system has bee successful for more than 50 years but can it deal with the rise of a resource hungry China and India?
  • 16 July: "Fishing and marine protection in our far south" - We will look at whether the fishing of Antarctic toothfish is sustainable and what options there are for marine protection in the area.

They all start at 12:30 and are in the Academy of fine arts, Queens wharf, Wellington. FaceSpy event here.