Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Will Mondayisation pass?

David Clark's Holidays (Full Recognition of Waitangi Day and ANZAC Day) Amendment Bill will go to a vote on Wednesday, and it looks like it will go on to select committee:

Dunedin North MP David Clark remains confident his bill to Monday-ise Waitangi and Anzac Days should they fall at a weekend will pass its first vote tomorrow.

Recent reports had written off the chances of the Holidays (Full Recognition of Waitangi Day and Anzac Day) Amendment Bill but Mr Clark said he had received pledges of support from United Future and the Maori Party - Government allies - along with all Opposition parties.

(For those who want to double check, Dunne's support is mentioned here, so he'll be going back on his word if he changes his mind).

This will be an embarrassing defeat for National, who are opposed to any extension of worker's rights, even one as reasonable as actually getting the days off you are entitled to. But its worth remembering that this is only the first reading; Dunne or the Maori Party could change their mind as a result of the select committee process, or because National uses the intervening time to strong-arm them.