Friday, July 27, 2012

No democracy for Canterbury

Having assured us at the time that their replacement of the elected ECan with unelected, unaccountable dictators was a temporary measure, National is once again publicly musing about a permanent abrogation of Cantabrians' democratic rights:

The Government is considering placing Canterbury's regional council in a limited form of democracy at next year's local body elections.

The Government removed the regional councillors in 2009 and replaced them with commissioners.

The Local Government Minister, David Carter, says he's expecting a report from officials within a couple of weeks on whether to appoint some members of the council next year, rather than allow all of them to be elected.

Why? Because a fully elected ECan accountable to its voters may make the "wrong" decisions, like limiting pollution, protecting rivers, and opposing giant irrigation schemes. So obviously, they have to be prevented from that by destroying Canterbury's democracy.

Its an unpleasant insight into National's undemocratic attitudes. And it really makes you wonder whether they want to do the same at a national level as well.