Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More evidence that Bennett made it up

Also from FYI this morning: Paula Bennett refuses to reveal advice she has received on her child-snatching policy. Apparently doing so

will prevent the White Paper development process and necessary consultations from proceeding in an effective and informed manner
Which is interesting, given that a previous request to MSD told us that
I am able to advise that the Reference Group has not considered any policy that relates to preventing abusive parents having children.
Someone is lying here. And odds are that it is the Minister. The Ministries who are supposed to be developing this policy know nothing about it. The Reference Group hasn't considered it. The Minister doesn't want to talk. I think its fair to conclude that she simply made it up as talkback-bait to distract from the government's other troubles. The question now is whether we're going to see them push on with this policy. If they do, it will be a horrifying insight into how policy is actually developed under National.