Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The expected response

John Key's threat to simply ignore the Waitangi Tribunal and press on with privatisation has drawn the expected response from the Māori Party:

The Maori Party is bitterly disappointed with reported comments made by the Prime Minister John Key in relation to the Waitangi Tribunal’s hearing of the water claim.

“Mr Keys comments to Firstline this morning, suggesting that they will go ahead with asset sales regardless of what the Tribunal says, are akin to comments made by former PM Clark, in relation to the Tribunal’s report on the Foreshore and Seabed policy in 2003”.

“We view very seriously the comments made by the Prime Minister that “we could choose to ignore what findings they might have’. To make such comments is an insult to all of us. We believe that the Government is required in good faith to consider the recommendations of the Tribunal.

The unstated threat: the Māori Party will walk if Key tramples all over their people and the Treaty. And so they should. They were elected to be a voice for their people and uphold their mana; they can hardly stand idly by while Key pisses on it.