Friday, September 25, 2015

Australia's war on dissent

Since Tony Abbott became Prime Minister of Australia there's been a progressive move (driven by the Liberals' coal-industry supporters) towards labelling environmentalism as terrorism. but now its hit a new low, with the inclusion of "alternative music", "left-wing activism" and environmental protest in the government's new "Radicalisation Awareness Kit" aimed at warning teachers about potential terrorists:

The Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on Terrorism Michael Keenan launched the Radicalisation Awareness Kit in the form of a 32-page booklet on Monday.

Through a series of examples and fictitious case studies, the booklet aims to illustrate the circumstances which can lead young people to become radicalised.

But one surprising example cites the power of the alternative music scene and environmental activism in the radicalisation process.

The case study in the 'Violent Extremism' section tells the story of a girl called 'Karen' who becomes involved in the "alternative music scene, student politics and left-wing activism" when she leaves home.

'Karen' ends up sabotaging logging machinery and being arrested "on numerous occasions" while becoming "totally cut off from her family".

"It sounds like something that's been dreamt up in the cigar room of the Institute of Public Affairs. There's no resemblance to the way that people in Australia feel about their environment and the need to stand up to protect it.

The message is clear: lefties, greenies, and those who don't like INXS are UnAustralian terrorists. Its a perfect example of how Abbott has hijacked the (bullshit) war on terror to turn it into a war on his domestic political opponents. But now that Australia has a new Prime Minister, hopefully this bullshit will stop.