Monday, September 07, 2015

The least they think they can get away with

National has announced its refugee plan, and as expected, its the least they think they can get away with:

The Government has today announced New Zealand will welcome 750 Syrian refugees over the next two and a half years in response to the ongoing conflict in Syria, says Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse.

Of the 750 places, 600 will be by way of a special emergency intake above New Zealand’s annual refugee quota of 750, and 150 places will be offered within the quota.


“That’s why we will dedicate 150 places for Syrians within the existing 2015/16 annual quota of 750. On top of that we’ll take in another 100 Syrians in this financial year, and a further 500 over the next two financial years (2016/17 and 2017/18).

Spin the headline to make it seem like you're doing more, and push the real work out three years when it may not be necessary, or so it can be quietly cut when the economy heads into recession again. The contrast that with Germany, which will be spending six billion Euro to accept another 800,000 refugees, couldn't be more clear: Germany is taking real action and taking its international responsibilities seriously. National is not. And in a government led by the son of a refugee, who is here because past New Zealand governments showed the generosity of our people and recognised our international obligations, that is simply disgusting.