Friday, September 18, 2015

More tyranny in Britain

Not content with being able to murder UK citizens without trial for non-death-penalty offences, MI5 now wants to spy on everyone's internet traffic (no doubt, to enable them to murder more):

The head of MI5, Andrew Parker, has called for more up-to-date surveillance powers and said tech companies had an ethical responsibility to provide more help in monitoring the communications of suspected terrorists and paedophiles.

In the first live media interview ever given by a senior British intelligence official, Parker defended the British surveillance system and backed the government’s plans for new surveillance powers.


The investigatory powers legislation is expected to include powers to require internet and phone companies to collect and store for 12 months the browsing histories of customers along with detailed records of voice calls, messaging and text services.

It would require the companies, including those based abroad such as Google and Facebook, to give the police and security services access to this bulk data.

And of course they want to ban encryption too, because the people cannot be allowed to have private conversations amongst one another, lest they conspire.

Again, when you can't have a private conversation without the secret police listening in, when everything you do is watched, when the government reserves the right to kill you on secret "evidence" and without trial, you live in a tyranny. UKanians need to either vote out their tyrannical government and its tyrannical spies, or flee to safer shores.